There’s good news and bad for fans of USA’s Mr. Robot, as – while Season 3 has come to an end – the series has formally been renewed for Season 4. Creator Sam Esmail has previously spoken to the series lasting four or five seasons, and now suggests that the remaining two installments may be a little … well, compressed.

You’re warned of light spoilers for Mr. Robot Season 3’s Wednesday finale, but the series certainly reached a new beginning with Elliot apparently undoing the Five/Nine hack, and getting ready for a new mission. The hours-earlier Season 4 renewal marks the first official step on that journey, but might the Emmy-winning series end earlier than expected? Esmail spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about setting up the final seasons (which he himself will again direct), noting that truncated orders were a possibility:

Honestly, I’ve always said it’s four or five seasons, and I’ve said that because I think it’s somewhere in between. Whether that means the next two seasons are two short seasons, or it could technically still be two full ten-episode seasons, we’re still kind of figuring that out. It’s something the writers’ room and I take very seriously. We never want to feel like we’re treading water. Hopefully it fits into two more seasons, but we’re trying to figure out that number.

It’s worth noting that Season 3 returned to Season 1's original order of ten episodes, after the second year ballooned to a full twelve. Explained Esmail, “Because every season is so idiosyncratic and specific to that stage of where we’re at in the story, I don’t think all of the seasons fit one size.” At the very least, Esmail confirmed that the closing stinger of Season 1 drug dealer Fernando Vera would play “a critical part in the next season,” as well that Bobby Cannavale’s villainous “Irving” may not return:

I’ll leave it at this: I loved working with Bobby. He did such a phenomenal job, beyond my expectations, playing Irving. It was really fun to write for him. Nothing’s set in stone yet, but I would be excited to work with him again.

For his part, Cannavale will at least remain with Esmail, starring in new Amazon series Homecoming. Esmail directs both it and Mr. Robot, leaving it unclear when Season 4 might premiere, but stay tuned for the latest on Mr. Robot’s future.

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