'Grand Piano' is already appealing just because of its wonderful story concept -- it's an independent thriller described as 'Speed' with a piano. Awesome, right? That and you have Elijah Wood starring in the picture. But what could make this even cooler? Possibly adding John Cusack into the mix.

Variety reports that 'The Raven' star is in the middle of negotiations for a role in the latest movie from Spanish director Eugenio Mira ('Birthday'). The script was written by Damien Chazelle and the project is currently being shopped around at Cannes for possible distribution.

In 'Grand Piano,' we center on a formerly successful concert pianist (Wood), whose stage fright brought him to early retirement. He eventually overcomes his fear but ends up entangled in a deadly game where he must play non-stop in order to save the life of him and his wife. Again, 'Speed' on a piano. You can't beat that.

Cusack is in the middle of negotiations but what character will he be? Our money is on the mysterious villain who's forcing a seemingly-endless performance from Wood's character. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see Cusack play the antagonist? He's already getting in touch with his villainous side in the upcoming movie 'The Paperboy,' which will debut at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

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