John Cusack is a good-looking movie star with a full head of hair and a medium build. He's also a incredibly outspoken liberal. Those traits make him an odd choice to play Rush Limbaugh, the famously heavyset, balding conservative talk radio show host who has a habit of saying controversial (i.e., incredibly stupid) things. Still, this the movies: anything can happen and anyone can play anyone.

The proposed biopic, which was announced by Cusack's production company yesterday, has the working title of 'Rush' and will presumably find its leading man pulling an Eddie Murphy and acting under pounds of latex make-up. Considering Cusack's political stance, you can bet that this won't be a flattering portrait. Limbaugh has been a hated figure of the Left (and much of the moderate Right) for a long time and he has a lengthy and embarrassing history of drama and controversy. There's definitely a movie here...even if the whole thing feels like Cusack's personal pet project to attack a man he strongly dislikes.

But who knows what will happen? Everyone expected Oliver Stone's 'W' to be a scathing indictment of George W. Bush, but it ended up treating the former President rather fairly, all things considered. We'll have to wait until 'Rush' is actually filming (and if if actually starts filming) to see what Cusack is up to.