Pitch Perfect 2 wasn’t as hilarious and fun as its predecessor, but it was good enough to warrant another sequel. Pitch Perfect 3 will hit theaters this December, and as such is gathering a few additions to its cast. While the main Barden Bellas are returning, as well as Elizabeth Banks, there’s plenty of room for some new faces, and today john Lithgow has officially joined the cast.

Variety reports that Lithgow, who recently won a Screen Actors Guild award for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in Netflix’s The Crown, joins Banks, Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Rebel Wilson, as well as Ruby Rose and Hailee Steinfeld, according to IMDB. There’s no word yet on who Lithgow will be playing, or what the plot of the movie will be about. The second installment upped the stakes for the Bellas, pitting them against international a cappella groups in a worldwide competition. There aren’t many places left to go, except maybe space. Pretty tough to sing in space if you can’t breathe, though.

John Michael Higgins, who played Banks’ fellow commentator in Pitch Perfect, doesn’t seem to be on the cast list for the third movie, which could mean that Lithgow would be taking his place. Gail and John absolutely stole the show in the last two movies, so hopefully Banks will be getting a new partner to riff off of if Higgins is indeed not coming back for the third.

Pitch Perfect 3 recently found a new director in Trish Sie after Banks, who directed the second, decided she wouldn’t helm the third. Sie choreographed a bunch of OK Go videos, and since the Pitch Perfect movies are all about aca-ridiculously overproduced singing routines, she’s perfect for the job.

Pitch Perfect 3 hits theaters December 22.

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