It's been a crazy couple of days to to say the least.  Between all the storm coverage, and the incredible news that all of 'Star Wars' was to be sold to Disney, joining the ranks of Marvel and Pixar... to say the least it's been a week for people and characters alike to come together in vastly unexpected ways.  So while victims help one another, and fanboys furiously scribble Iron Man / Darth Vader fan-fiction, we thought we'd take a moment to show you one of the crazier things you'll ever see: 'Mad Men's Jon Hamm sharing a bath with 'Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe.  Enjoy.

New projects often put iconic film stars together in unexpected ways, particularly with those so closely tied to a franchise.  For instance, few people see Daniel Radcliffe beyond the 'Harry Potter' franchise, much as Jon Hamm would have a hard time dissociating himself from the scotch-swilling debonair 'Don Draper of 'Mad Men.'  Though one has to wonder, if a TV series featured the two taking a bath together, might it shake viewers of the pretense?

We'll find out, as The Hollywood Reporter has obtained the first image from upcoming Sky History mini-series 'A Young Doctor's Notebook,' in which a middle-aged doctor (Hamm) remembers his days as a WWI medic, with his younger self played by Daniel Radcliffe.  Based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, the darkly comic miniseries features the below sequence in which Hamm shares a bath with his younger incarnation.

And that was the time Don Draper took a bath with Harry Potter.  Good day, we say to you.

Jon Hamm Daniel Radcliffe A Young Doctors Notebook
Sky History