One is known for a playing a dapper, adulterous ad exec. The other, a wizard. And yet the producers of a four-part British miniseries seems to think 'Harry Potter' star, Daniel Radcliffe could play a young Jon Hamm. And vice-versa.

According to British tabloid, The Sun, Hamm and Radcliffe are in talks to play a Russian doctor, in a four-part drama set in the aftermath of World War II. Obviously, Radcliffe will play the doctor during his younger years, with Hamm playing the older, very handsome version of the character. Not to take anything away from Radcliffe's good looks, but the 'Harry Potter star and Hamm aren't exactly doppelgangers.

But how much of Hamm we'll actually see on-screen is unclear. According to The Sun, the 'Mad Men' star "will narrate the story but will still interact with his younger self, Daniel, during some of the scenes."

And a source told the tabloid that 'Mad Men' fan, Radcliffe is excited to work with Hamm.

"This is a great role for Daniel and he’s pretty excited about the prospect of working with Jon. He’s a big 'Mad Men' fan and feels he can learn a lot from Don. But Jon knows all about Daniel’s qualities, too, so he’ll also be doing some learning," said the source.

Think Radcliffe and Hamm can play two sides of the same coin or is the casting way off on this one? Let us know in the comments!