There are nine Fletch novels by Gregory Mcdonald, and it seems like there have been at least that many attempts to revive the film series based on Mcdonald’s work. The original Fletch, starring Chevy Chase as the title character, remains a beloved ’80s favorite (the lone sequel, Fletch Lives, remains a disliked ’80s flop). Since then, so many filmmakers and actors have tried to get their own Fletch sequel or revival going. They all failed.

The ones to finally do it were director Greg Mottola and star Jon Hamm, who replaces Chase as a Fletch who is supposedly closer to the spirit of the character in the books than the guy Chevy played in his two Fletch movies. (Chevy Chase’s Fletch was basically just the standard Chevy Chase comic hero with a flair for disguises). Mottola and Hamm’s new movie, Confess, Fletch, is based on the second book in the series, and it was made last summer by Miramax.

But now, Deadline reports, Miramax has sold the film to Paramount, who will release the movie in theaters and on Showtime this fall. Here’s how they describe the plot of this Fletch mystery:

Fletch becomes the prime suspect in a murder case while searching for his heiress girlfriend’s stolen art collection. His only way out is to sift through a long list of suspects that include his own girlfriend, to find the real culprit.

Here is Hamm talking recently about his Fletch, and his desire to turn the film into an ongoing franchise where he could adapt many of Mcdonald’s books:

Paramount will release Confess, Fletch in theaters on September 16. Then the film will debut on Showtime on October 28. For folks who’ve been waiting for Jon Hamm to fully become a Hollywood leading man after Mad Men ended, it looks like your moment may have finally arrived.

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