Like Steve Martin and Alex Baldwin before him, Jon Hamm doesn't need to be hosting 'Saturday Night Live' to pop up in an episode. Sometimes, it just seems like he was in the area, so he just stopped by to say hi and jumped into a sketch. Last night's episode opened with a return to the Lawrence Welk Show, where Hamm proved himself to be a very capable Italian song and dance man.

After a typically innuendo-filled intro from Fred Armisen's Lawrence Welk, Jon Hamm entered the set  (a hilariously cheesy recreation of Venice) on a gondola, wielding a loaf of Italian bread and bemoaning the lack of love in his life. Hamm has proven himself a capable comedian on numerous occasions before, particularly with his recurring role as a good-looking doofus on '30 Rock,' but it will never not be surprising to see Don Draper himself get funny, especially when getting funny involves wearing a terrible moustache and singing about love with an endearingly awful Italian accent.

Hamm's lovelorn Italian is soon joined by a procession of women, each of them more gorgeous than the last...but he's also joined by Junice Merill, Kristen Wiig's awesome monstrosity of a character. With her whiny voice, tiny hands and absurdly high forehead, she only distracts and horrifies Hamm. Until the creepy finale of the scene, of course. With Wigg officially leaving the show, her cavalcade of truly deranged characters will be sorely missed. Each and every cast member is willing to play bizarre characters, but few did it as effectively and as shamelessly/fearlessly as Wiig.