Though Jon Hamm will probably always be 'Mad Men's' Don Draper to some audiences, he's shown a talent for comedy and is a great actor, period. He's just signed up for the Disney picture 'Million Dollar Arm' where he'll play sports agent J.B. Bernstein in the true story of man who went to India to find baseball pitchers.

The combination of Disney and sports movies may sound a little too feel-good for its own good, but the film comes from a script by Thomas McCarthy, director of 'Win Win' and 'The Station Agent' - though perhaps best known for his role as Templeton on the show 'The Wire.' It's unknown if McCarthy will direct, but seems likely.

The story - as Deadline tells us - is of an agent who gets burnt out on recruiting in America and becomes convinced he can find Pitchers in India when he watches Cricket. He then creates a game show to find the top pitchers, and brings them to America. Once stateside there is a culture clash and Hamm's Bernstein must teach his players about America.

It still sounds pretty cute, but Hamm has shown a good eye for material, and knows how to do funny - if this role requires it.