Jonah Hill will once again team with Brad Pitt -- this time Pitt will act as producer under his Plan B banner to bring the Rupert Goold-directed 'True Story' to life.

Hill will star with old friend James Franco in the film, which tells the story of New York Times journalist Michael Finkel, who discovers wanted murderer Christian Longo (Franco) has been living in Mexico under Finkel's identity. The Times promptly fired Finkel for allegedly falsifying facts in his article; shortly after, Longo came forward and declared that he would give an interview, but he would only speak to Finkel and no one else.

For those of you getting your hopes up that this is a long-awaited (feared?) 'Ace Ventura' spin-off following Ray Finkel's brother, you can stop now. 'True Story' is, in fact, a true story, based on the memoir by Finkel himself (Michael Finkel, not Sean Young).

Finkel is Einhorn. Einhorn is Finkel. Jonah Hill was nominated for an Oscar. What does it all mean?! Dan Marino.