Teen dance movies had their time in the sun, and though the 'Step Up' franchise continues, the genre seemed to peak about a decade ago. While movies about inspirational coaches are evergreen, and show up every couple of years. Someone had the brilliant idea to combine the two genres, and that's why we're getting Josh Holloway coaching dancers in 'Battle of the Year.'

The premise here is that Holloway's former basketball coach is brought in to help the American team get their stuff together to finally win a championship after fifteen years. On the team are notorious human being Chris Brown, and it looks like Josh Peck, formerly of 'Drake and Josh' but more recently known for his lead performance in 'The Wackness.' We say it looks like because he could be an assistant or something (we didn't see him on the dance floor).

There are two non-surprises in the trailer. One is that it's in 3D, which - honestly - could be a lot of fun with a film like this. The other is that the film is due out January 2013. With a film like 'Battle of the year' there's no way it can compete against with an A-list title. But perhaps dance fans and 'Lost' fans will make this a hit.

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