Though the buzzworthy new series won’t debut until sometime in February, CBS tech spy thriller ‘Intelligence’ held its big debut at Comic-Con 2013. The new series stars ‘LOST’ vet Josh Holloway and ‘Once Upon A Time’ star Meghan Ory, as well as ‘CSI’ staple Marg Helgenberger, so how does the pilot stack up, and what do the cast and producers have to say?

Without revealing too many specifics of the pilot, much of the comparisons to ‘Chuck’ or ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ prove largely unfounded, as ‘Intelligence’ ends up closer to the ‘Bourne’ films or appropriately, the tech-savvy ‘Mission Impossible’ themes. Executive producer Michael Seitzman claimed that they had less interest in super-strength, or other such bionic abilities, as “Information seems to be the bionic strength of today.”

For as well-choreographed as some of the action unfolds over the course of the pilot, incorporating many clever uses of Holloway’s character’s abilities, the inaugural episode does lean on plenty of pilot tropes that will hopefully improve over the course of the season. Holloway and Ory’s character have a surprising connection, and Holloway gets in at least two iconic Harrison Ford moments, as one would expect.

All in all, we’ll definitely check out the series when it debuts at midseason, but moderator Tim Keck seemed more interested in asking which loss Holloway’s characters have felt more, Juliet of ‘LOST’ or his wife Amelia from the pilot. Holloway’s response? “I think any love lost is hard.” Nuff said.

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