The folks from Mega64 have just released a brand-spanking-new video based on Journey, the hit indie game from 2012. They've traded in the majesty and poignancy of the game for confusion and laughs from onlookers.

The above video shows one of the dudes from Mega64 wandering around like a robed figure from Journey, complete with the chimes and gestures that players can use to communicate with each other in-game.

This faithful recreation of the game's mechanics seems to amuse (and infuriate), but to no avail. But luckily, another robed figure appears and the two of them go gallivanting around, chiming happily and tripping on bushes.

A screen that shows some of the people they've met even appears at the end of the video, just like in the game. And since the Police Department happens to be one of the companions they met along the way, you can bet things got interesting.

Watch the video above and let us know if this attempt to recreate Journey in real life gives you some lulz.