Remember a while back when Kanye West went on a late-night Twitter tirade, promising everything from a live-action ‘Jetsons’ movie and his “Cosby Show sweater” memories to a “seven screen experience,” whatever that may be. Well, credit to Kanye, because this week at the Cannes Film Festival, one of those promises comes to fruition.

Sadly, it’s not the ‘Jetsons’ movie. Instead, West is bringing his short film ‘Cruel Summer’ to South France, a combination seven-screen display event and art exhibit that will premiere in Cannes on May 23 (according to Pitchfork). The short film reportedly is inspired by the "G.O.O.D." album of the same title, and was created by DONDA, the multi-tiered design organization that West named after his late mother.

At the very least, I’m fascinated by this potential presentation to see how it plays out. Do you need seven screens for this “experience,” or can it air on one? Hopefully we’ll get reviews for ‘Cruel Summer’ shortly after its premiere, and maybe positive remarks will help it score come distribution in the States.

And hey, if West is making good on this promise, can the ‘Jetsons’ movie be far behind?

Here’s the image West Tweeted back when he first brought up the idea of a “seven screen experience.” We're cautiously intrigued. Are you?