After fighting tooth and nail for weeks and weeks to maintain its scheduled dates, today the Cannes Film Festival, one of the oldest and certainly the most prestigious film festival in the world, announced that it would have to postpone its 2020 edition due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Festival de Cannes cannot be held on the scheduled dates, from May 12 to 23,” reads an announcement on the festival’s website. “Several options are considered in order to preserve its running, the main one being a simple postponement, in Cannes, until the end of June-beginning of July, 2020.” Given how things are progressing, those dates may be extremely optimistic, especially for a gathering designed to bring together people from all over the globe as well as the world of film.

The festival is coming off one of its best years in recent memory; 2019’s Palme d’oO, the festival’s top prize, went to Parasite, the eventual winner for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Other titles included Pain and GloryAtlantics, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire, which had only recently opened in theaters nationwide as coronavirus began to close those theaters all at once. Hopefully this year’s roster of great international films can be presented in June or July — or the fall, or at some point in the near future.

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