A few days ago, Karl Urban told the internet that the first footage from the upcoming 'Star Trek 2' would premiere this weekend. To be specific, he promised that a video called "Star Trek Comic Con Sneak Peek" would arrive on YouTube. It turns out that the new "Bones" McCoy and star of 'Dredd' was pulling our leg: the video (which actually is titled "Star Trek Comic Con Sneak Peek") contains about give seconds of behind-the-scenes 'Trek' footage and about four minutes of Urban surfing, amongst other nonsense.

The video begins with choppy, bootleg quality footage of the first film's opening titles before it launches into some impressively shot footage of Urban riding the waves, all of it set to Cage the Elephant's "Shake Me Down." Then it shows us the poster for 'Dredd.' Then it reminds us to "WEAR OUR NEUTRON CREAM!" And then blackness. And then, a few seconds of JJ Abrams in front of a green screen, calling 'Star Trek 2' a wrap.

Karl Urban: internet troll extraordinaire. We're shocked he didn't sneak Rick Astley in there somewhere.

As far as pranks go, it's a good one. We should be infuriated, but we're too busy laughing our butts off. Well played, Mr. Urban. Well played, indeed.