Following her high-profile divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes is about to learn what it’s like to be a single mom juggling a child, a career and a social life. And no, we haven’t turned into a gossip site. We’re actually talking about a new movie role.

Holmes will topline the drama ‘Molly,’ which she co-wrote and will co-produce, according to PEOPLE magazine. In a unique bit of life-imitating art, Holmes, 33, will play a single mother trying her best to raise her daughter in a chaotic world. Filming will take place in New York City through August.

‘Molly’ is the latest in a steady stream of pictures Holmes will appear in. Earlier this year, she filmed an updated take on Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Seagull.’ Later this year, she agreed to shoot ‘Responsible Adults’ with Chace Crawford, where she’d play his love interest… who used to be his childhood babysitter.

But PEOPLE also said Holmes isn’t limiting her professional options to the silver screen. She’s also hosting a show at New York Fashion Week, introducing new items for her clothing line Holmes & Yang. Perhaps these are the first steps in the next chapter of her career, and it will be interesting to see where the post-Cruise segment of her professional life takes her.