Those of you who can't get enough of Katy Perry (and let's be honest, who can't?), the ultra-popular singing sensation was supposed to have her big breakout role in an Oscar nominated film. But the bubble gum pop star had to backout due to a scheduling conflict.

Vulture reports that according to Mrs. Miss Perry, she was going to have a role in last year's critically acclaimed movie 'The Help,' but was unable to due to her singing career.

"There was a time when I was going to be involved in The Help — just a small part, I wasn't going to be Emma Stone or anything — but I couldn't because the shooting schedule conflicted with the release of my record. And I was upset about that; I knew it was going to be an important film. Not that I need to do drama first, but I do want to do something that makes a strong impression."

Shame. Now we know why Disney had this early poster of 'The Help' recalled before the movie's release.