Ryan Reynolds’ action vehicle Deadpool was something of a game-changer, singlehandedly proving that superhero movies could work blue and make a metric buttload of money doing it, too. But of course the single greatest revelation of the film was character actress Leslie Uggams in her scene-stealing role as Deadpool’s foulmouthed, ill-tempered roommate Blind Al. Having first rose to prominence during the ’70s and ’80s with a clutch role on Roots and award-winning turns on Broadway, Uggams saw a little spike in her public profile when she popped up as the unsighted, eminently quotable Blind Al. (Around that same time, she scored a clutch supporting role on Empire as well.) And now, new developments indicate that there‘s more Uggams where that came from.

Black Film confirmed today that she would return for the 2018-slated Deadpool sequel to reprise her role as Blind Al. She’ll join an expanding cast that already includes Josh Brolin as Deadpool’s longtime partner in mercenary work Cable, and Atlanta breakout Zazie Beetz as agile thief Domino. Not much more to the news than that, no word as to whether Blind Al might take a more prominent role in the sequel. (Maybe she fights crime, too? If certified nutjob Wade Wilson could do it, who’s to say she couldn’t?) But know this, Deadpool 2 writers — if anything happens to our beloved Blind Al, there shall be hell to pay.

Jokes aside, Uggams and Reynolds shared a weirdly delightful chemistry, neither one willing to put up with the other’s griping. It takes a certain sort of gravitas to deliver the line “Such a douche this morning!” with complete conviction.

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