Kevin Smith has been consistent in saying that his planned hockey movie ‘Hit Somebody’ would be the last feature film. But the director continues to leave the door slightly ajar on a third ‘Clerks.’ Well now Smith has tipped his hat on how he’d like to continue the story of Dante and Randal … and it’s not what you’d expect.

During a book signing in Los Angeles, Smith told attendees that he’s like to do ‘Clerks 3’ as a Broadway play. Slashfilm posted the video, submitted by a reader, of Smith explaining that the one-act play ‘A Seminar’ with Alan Rickman inspired him to look at ‘Clerks’ from that angle.

Yeah, that’s the thing. As Smith says in the video, you are talking six live shows a week for a six-month run. That’s no walk in the park. But if Smith is able to pull it off, I’d agree with him that it would be a fitting way to conclude the franchise that gave him his career … and would continue to show that the storyteller is actively interested in pushing the envelope and looking for the next method of audience approval. Let’s see if he can make it work.

In fact, because they rehearsed the original ‘Clerks’ like a play, he said it would make sense to conclude the trilogy on a stage. Here’s the video, which you need to see for yourself: