Fans of Kevin Smith's cult hit, 'Clerks' may have reason to rejoice, as it looks the Quick Stop will soon be open for business, again. Smith told his two-million plus followers on Twitter that he and longtime production partner, Miramax Films are hoping to deliver new weekly episodes of 'Clerks: The Animated Series', next year.

'Clerks: The Animated Series' originally ran for a meager two episodes on ABC way back in 2000. Low ratings, a mismatched audience and the network's decision to run the fourth episode first, all contributed to series' demise.

However, the animated take on Smith's breakout first film has been a fan favorite since all six episodes came to DVD, the following year.

Smith's 140 character announcement obviously didn't go into detail on exactly when and where the animated series will return but Smith and the now Disney-free Miramax will certainly have many more distribution options than they did twelve years ago.

And of course, the beauty of animation is that while Smith and company are now pushing middle-age, the series allows the cast to eternally remain the twenty-something slackers we came to love back in 1994.