Jay and Silent Bob are striking back once again. The View Askewniverse hasn’t been updated in quite a while (no, Kevin Smith’s episodes for Supergirl don’t count, although he probably wishes they did), but after ten years, Smith is ready to return to the series with a film currently titled Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Smith posted the announcement on his Instagram yesterday, where he went into great detail — seriously, this is the longest Instagram post I have ever seen — and also explained why Clerks 3 and Mallrats 2 aren’t happening.

So, to summarize, if all that was a little TL;DR: Clerks 3 fell through because one of the main actors bowed out, Mallrats 2 was supposed to be a movie but is now a TV series which is currently being bounced around different networks hoping for a bite, and while Smith is having fun directing a superhero show he also wants to return to his ’90s roots. So there you have it.

Clerks and Mallrats and the like are the kind of comedies that are only funny if they’re watched at a certain age, but they’re harmless fun, and with something as hyper-self-aware as Jay and Silent Bob Reboot sounds, this new movie could be a fun jaunt through nostalgic stoner bro memories. I do wonder if he’s had the same desktop wallpaper for all these years.

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