Key and Peele’s Keanu may not have made the cinematic splash we all hoped, but Key & Peele itself is still going strong. If you don’t believe us, feast your eyes on over 300 sketches from the Comedy Central favorite, newly-released in a full online destination for all things Key & Peele!

Comedy Central debuted the official online portal for Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s five-season smash, including over 300 sketches (176 of which have never been released online previously) and even a dictionary for the show’s many coined terms and phrases. Perhaps best of all, the hub is reachable by a variety of Key & Peele-related URLs, including,,,,, and

More? You got it:

The site will be a robust experience that will include sketches filtered by season, character and category as well as curated by collections. Examples include celebrity favorites, sex, weed, nerd, horror, politics, and football. Fans can utilize the dictionary to bone up on the unforgettable language from the series – i.e. “Dicknanigans,” “Nooice” and ‘I said bitch.” Additionally, every sketch will be accompanied by shareable GIFs and memes unique to the content. Other highlights include audiofiles, illustrations and a pronunciation guide.

Key & Peele may never again return to TV on a permanent basis, but Comedy Central certainly erected one hell of a monument. Check it out at the links above, and stay tuned for the latest.

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