DC’s upcoming Flash movie — which we might as well start calling Flashpoint — is still in limbo as the search for a new director continues, but Kiersey Clemons, who will play Iris West in the movie, has been ready to get the ball rolling. She recently spoke about her character, and revealed that the Iris who Flash meets might be from a completely different timeline.

While talking to Entertainment Tonight, Clemons said she wasn’t trying to be similar to Candice Patton, who already plays the same character on CW’s The Flash TV show. Since the television and film universes aren’t connected in any way, this makes sense.

I mean, to be honest, I haven't tried to pull from her at all. I want my Iris West to be its own world.

Speaking of worlds, Flashpoint deals with at least two separate, intertwining timelines involving members of the Justice League in somewhat altered states from what we’re used to. Apparently time is going to be a big factor in the movie, and will likely confuse Barry Allen to no end, because Clemons says we won’t know at first what time period her Iris West is even from.

Because of going back and forth past and future with The Flash, you don't even know what time period you actually meet Iris.

As to when they’ll actually get started shooting, Clemons has no idea. “Me and Ezra, I guess, are just hanging out!” she said, as the search for a director goes on. Hopefully, after Ezra Miller makes his debut in this fall’s Justice League, DC can finally get a filmmaker to take the bait for his solo outing.

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