The day until Killzone: Shadow Fall is released is inching towards us, getting ever closer. And, just to keep us enticed, Guerrilla Games keeps on releasing new information about the multiplayer mode.

Some new multiplayer details were posted to the official Killzone blog, shedding even more light on how we'll wreck each other online. The following aspects of the multiplayer mode are detailed on the site: the progression system, combat honors, weapons and attachments, shields, spotlight system, warzone leaderboards, online and offline bots and the absence of exoskeletons and jetpacks.

The progression system will work on challenges instead of experience points. When you complete a challenge, you'll get a point added to your rank and rewards like weapon attachments and customization options for your character. More than 1,500 challenges will be available for you to tackle in-game.

Combat Honors are temporary buffs that can be activated by earning the right amount of points in a round. These buffs stack, so you can load up on as many Combat Honors as you want. Keep in mind that these points don't roll over to different matches, so you have to use 'em or lose 'em.

Weapon attachments are pretty straightforward; all weapons can have two attachments at once, though some weapons aren't compatible with certain attachments.

Players can take advantage of nano-shields that block incoming projectiles but will the user to return fire. These shields can be knocked out with EMP weapon attachments.

The Spotlight System acts as an "insult to injury" and lets the winners of a match celebrate their victory via a cutscene at the end of a round. The top three players will be featured in this scene, as well as the top player from the losing team. One of the top three players will be able to " select a Spotlight move to celebrate his victory over the losing player." Failure to execute this move opens it up for the top player from the opposing team to perform a counterattack.

Shadow Fall will feature leaderboards for each Warzone, spanning all of the official and custom games. Players can tweak which stats they want to showcase.

You can create bots to populate your Warzones in both online and offline modes. This will ensure that there are enough players in a match, though you won't be able to complete challenges with bots offline.

And finally, Exoskeletons and Jetpacks have been nixed from Shadow Fall's multiplayer. The decision to exclude them was in favor of more balance.

So, there you have it. These are some of what we'll expect to experience once Killzone: Shadow Fall launches with the PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15.