Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wouldn't be famous without the sex tape that was "leaked" almost 10 years ago, and now the reality star has spoken to Oprah about how much she regrets it.

That sex tape made Kardashian what she is today. Without it, no one would know who she is. Facts are facts: Kim Kardashian is famous for having sex on camera. She parlayed that controversy into a reality TV show and various promotional deals. Her family has a reality show. Her sisters have spin-off shows.

We live in an age where people become famous for having sex on camera and then get a reality show for it, meanwhile porn stars have been doing all the real work for years and they've never asked for their own fragrance or a TV deal -- that's professionalism.

Kardashian spoke to Oprah, and when asked if she regrets making the tape, she expresses how worried she was about humiliating her family. The same family, mind you, who have no qualms being followed around by cameras 24/7 and having all of their dirty laundry gleefully rummaged through in the media on a daily basis. Magazine covers, book deals, the E! network (which should really just change its name to K! at this point) -- tell that fool from 'Two and a Half Men' to forget peak vagina, we're at peak Kardashian saturation and there's no light at the end of this garbage heap.

And it's hard -- it's so hard to take Kardashian seriously when she says that she had no idea this sex tape would get leaked. She says she's very aware of how this sex tape is responsible for her fame, and she worries about explaining it to her children some day. And she says all of this so deliberately, so perfectly rehearsed because you know some suit is standing backstage with a Blackberry mouthing the words along with her to make sure she doesn't mess it up.

There are real people out there who make sex tapes with their partners, thinking they'll never get leaked, and when they do there are lawsuits and tears and heartache. It's a very real, very upsetting thing. People are vindictive. But in the world of celebrity, a sex tape leakage (yeah, we know how that reads) is the best thing that can happen to your career when you're a nobody. If Kardashian really felt as though her privacy had been invaded and someone was profiting off her personal embarrassment, she could have stopped it. Without her consent, the tape couldn't be released legally by Vivid Entertainment, the company that distributed the film.

And it wasn't until 2007 -- four years after the sex tape was first released --that Kardashian sued the company and received a $5 million settlement for her trouble.

Does Kim Kardashian regret the sex tape? She says yes, and she could very well be telling the truth at this point. But what's done is done.

Some people work hard in creative fields to earn their fame. Some people want to have sex on tape and get a paycheck for it, so they go into the porn industry -- and it's honest and respectable. But there are people like Kim Kardashian who doesn't have a particular talent or creative skill, but she wants all the fame and money anyway. She has sex on camera and the whole world knows who she is -- that girl with the sex tape. But what good is that? And what is she doing with her fame besides finding new ways to make money by doing nothing?

Kim Kardashian is symptomatic of one of the biggest problems with our country -- fame-desperate people who feel entitled to the reward without doing any of the work.

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