After years of hoping, wishing, praying, and clamoring for a proper third chapter in the Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been announced for the PlayStation 4. What's more is that there's also a trailer that shows off an older Sora and his high-flying moves on the next-gen console.

Not much is known about the title, other than that it's currently in development for the PlayStation 4. The trailer briefly runs through Sora's evolution and then shows us the tiniest bits of gameplay at the end.

Sora runs through what looks like Traverse Town as a swirling cloud of Heartless flows toward him. He's able to hop on the cloud and ride it like a wave, getting higher and higher up until he can soar around and hit them.

Watch the trailer above and hope that a release date for this long-awaited game is revealed soon. Let us know your thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 3 in the comments below. And tell us if there are any Square-Enix or Disney characters you're looking forward to seeing!