Matthew Vaughn’s sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service is shaping up to be one of our most anticipated films of 2017: The director has begun assembling a pretty cool cast, with Julianne Moore as Kingsman 2's main villain opposite returning star Taron Egerton. While we wait to find out if (and how) Colin Firth will return, the film is looking to secure another great addition, with Halle Berry in talks to play a key role.

Deadline reveals that Fox is eyeing Berry to play the head of the CIA in Kingsman 2, but the really interesting news is that Berry would reportedly be making a two-picture deal with the studio — which means a third Kingsman film is already being considered…not that Fox should press their luck with Vaughn, since this is the first time he’s directed a sequel to one of his own films.

Berry previously portrayed Storm in Fox’s X-Men franchise, and starred in the Steven Spielberg-produced series Extant. She appears next in Kidnap, a new thriller hitting theaters sometime this year.

Egerton is returning to reprise his role in the Kingsman sequel as Eggsy, the trouble-making kid plucked from the streets of London to become a top class spy in a secret organization. Moore will play the villain in the film, based on a script by Vaughn and Jane Goldman. Although plot details are scarce, Egerton has said that the sequel will take the action international, while Vaughn has discussed the possibility of introducing American Kingsman agents. Berry’s potential role as head of the CIA seems to confirm that plot development.

Kingsman 2 hits theaters on June 16, 2017.

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