We're pretty sure Kit Harington is losing the 'Game of Thrones' by following up his appearance in the dreadful 'Silent Hill: Revelations 3D' with his latest gig as star of the new Paul W.S. Anderson film, 'Pompeii.'

Maybe Kit Harington is really just tricking all of us with some misdirection maneuver by taking bad acting jobs and then, as we're looking the other way, he'll sneak up and land a role in a Spielberg movie or something. Or not.

Variety reports that Harington, who plays Jon Snow in HBO's 'Game of Thrones,' will lead Paul W.S. Anderson's newest film, 'Pompeii.' Maybe, several years from now, Harington will be asked why he starred in a Paul W.S. Anderson movie, and he'll pull a cheeky Bill Murray and be like, "Right, my agent said Paul Anderson and I thought he meant Paul Thomas Anderson," and we'll all laugh because some people have similar names and that can be funny.

The flick is a love story set against the historically epic disaster, so yes, this is very much a Paul W.S. Anderson movie. Harington will play Milo, the slave of a shipping tycoon who is in love with his master's daughter, planning to eventually free himself so the two can be together. But his master has promised the daughter to an evil Roman senator, and Milo is being sold to another tycoon in Naples. Just as all of this is going on, Mt. Vesuvius erupts and Milo has to rush back over to Rome to save the love of his life and his gladiator best friend before everyone is covered in, presumably, extreme slow motion 3D molten lava.

But hey, it can't be worse than 'The Three Musketeers,' right?