We received a new trailer for the transforming action-adventure game, Knack, on the back of Sony's E3 2013 press conference. And you might be surprised to hear what Knack's voice sounds like.

Perhaps his voice grows with his size, but the little Knack packs a deep, robust voice with a bit of bass to it. And it only makes sense, since he can grow to an enormous size in order to combat the goblins that have come looking for trouble.

We see him take on gargantuan forms with different elemental properties, such as fire and ice.

A post on the US PlayStation Blog informs us that we'll also be able to explore sixty secret rooms throughout the game that hide treasure chests. Inside these chests are gadgets and items that you can collect that will help augment Knack's powers. Special crystal relics can also be found and hold the power to unlocking six alternate Knack variations for use in a second playthrough.

Watch the trailer above and let us know if Knack has you interested in getting a PlayStation 4.