IFC has continued to make a strong push into original programming, given the continued success of 'Portlandia' and the upcoming premiere of Marc Maron's self-titled 'Maron,' but its latest upcoming miniseries project has some significant star power behind it. Not only will Will Ferrell and Adam McKay produce 'The Spoils of Babylon,' but 'SNL' vet Kristen Wiig and 'The Great Gatsby' star Tobey Maguire will play leading roles! Find out about 'The Spoils of Babylon' inside!

Not that we weren't in love with Kristen Wiig anyway, between her upcoming 'SNL' hosting, the latest 'Arrested Development' photos and her role in 'Anchorman 2,' but now IFC gives us even more reason to celebrate. Via Deadline, we've learned that Wiig and Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire will join Will Ferrell in IFC's upcoming six-part Funny Or Die miniseries 'The Spoils of Babylon.'

'The Spoils of Babylon' chronicles the "sexy and dramatic" lives of the Morehouse family who made their fortune in the oil business, and find themselves entrenched with the Shah of Iran (Ferrell). Maguire will play Devon Morehouse, an orphaned child taken in by future oil magnate Jonas Morehouse, while Wiig takes the role of Jonas' daughter Cynthia. Devon and Cynthia eventually come to run Morehouse Enterprises, all while fighting their feelings for each other.

'SNL's Andrew Steele co-wrote the script with Matt Piedmont ('Casa de mi Padre') who also directs. Ferrell and McKay will act as executive producers.

Well, what say you? Does IFC have a home run on its hands with 'The Spoils of Babylon'? What other famous faces would you like to see join the cast?

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