Triple-threat actress Kristin Chenoweth got a whole new threat of the most unwelcome kind on Wednesday when she was hit by a falling piece of equipment on the Brooklyn set of CBS' 'The Good Wife' and rushed to the hospital.

TMZ reports Chenoweth, 43, was struck by a piece of lighting equipment that collapsed because of a large gust of wind, and that she hit her head on the pavement when she was knocked to the ground.

A witness said the petite performer was hit "square in the head" and appeared to be "knocked out cold," adding rather chillingly, "I thought she was dead at first."

Paramedics called to the scene put Chenoweth into a neck brace and onto a stretcher before transporting her to a nearby hospital. A rep for the New York Fire Department said she's being treated for "minor injuries."

It's not her first brush with doom -- back in 2003, the Broadway vet hurt her neck during while working on the Tony Award-winning show 'Wicked.' Three years later, she took a tumble off an elevated section of the stage during rehearsals for another show, and just last year, she fell down some steps on the set of 'Glee' and injured her back.

Assuming she's okay this time, maybe she should get herself fitted for a bubblewrap bodysuit.