You’ve waited, and we’ve certainly written enough stories without official photos, but American Gods is finally here! Straight from Comic-Con 2016, the first trailer for Bryan Fuller’s Neil Gaiman adaptation has arrived, plus bonus Pushing Daisies reunion with Kristin Chenoweth!

All the gods are fully on display in the new trailer, save a few recent additions, including the very one announced at the panel! Yes, Kristin Chenoweth has been added to the cast in the role of Easter, described as “once known as Ostara, goddess of spring, Easter still embraces the jelly beans and chocolate bunnies associated with the holiday that bears her name, in an effort to stay relevant.”

For those unfamiliar with Sandman creator Neil Gaiman’s novel, American Gods follows ex-convict Shadow Moon, who partners up with mysterious con-man Mr. Wednesday (secretly a god himself), becoming embroiled in a battle between classic mythological gods who have fallen out of style, and the “new” American gods based on greed, technology and celebrity.

Hannibal creator Fuller and Heroes alum Michael Green will write and and showrun the series, with Gaiman acting as EP (and writing a few episodes), produced by FremantleMedia North America. As with Hannibal, David Slade also directed episodes (including the pilot), as well as produces.

We’ll hear more this weekend at Comic-Con 2016, but what else might we expect from Starz and Fuller’s adaptation of American Gods? How do the latest photos look?

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