No one was exactly surprised to hear that 'Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23' had been pulled from the ABC schedule, effectively cancelling the series, but the timing of the show's removal may yet have produced a bit of good luck. Series lead Krysten Ritter has reportedly landed the lead role in forthcoming NBC pilot 'Assistance,' to be executive produced by FunnyOrDie founders Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, but will Ritter have better luck this time around? Get the latest on 'Assistance' inside!

'Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23's cancellation must have been a heartbreak for all involved, but thankfully Krysten Ritter is getting a little 'Assistance' from NBC. Sources are reporting that the one-time 'Breaking Bad' star has landed the lead role in a new sitcom pilot from FunnyOrDie founders Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, a quickly paced comedy following a “working girl” assistant caught between her "work husband" colleague and her actual fiancée.

Playing the lead role of "Nora," Ritter's character is described as a magnetic, hyperactive workaholic with a sex appeal directly proportional to her anxiety level. In love with movie-making thanks to a Jonathan Demme film, she's wanted to produce films since she was young, and now acts as personal assistant to Daniel Weisinger, who expects her to be on call all day and night.

Well, what say you? Does the involvement of Will Ferrell bode well for Krysten Ritter's next sitcom vehicle 'Assistance?'

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