Clive Owen has been having something of a comeback, with his superb role on Steven Soderbergh’s series ‘The Knick’ giving him a much-needed boost and reminding audiences that he’s still damn great. Perhaps seeking to capitalize on that comes the trailer for ‘Last Knights,’ a long-delayed medieval action-drama which was originally filmed two years ago and has since been languishing in studio limbo.

USA Today debuted the official trailer for ‘Last Knights,’ which stars Clive Owen as Raiden, a man who leads a noble charge with his righteous men to avenge their fallen master and fight a villainous ruler, played by ‘Headhunters’ star Aksel Hennie. Also in the mix is Morgan Freeman as a priest, who appears to support Raiden and his men and vehemently opposes this sadistic ruler.

Judging by the trailer, it’s easy to see why ‘Last Knights’ was delayed—for all the swordplay and medieval action, the film just looks a bit…flat. There must have been a real good reason to stick it on the shelf for so long instead of capitalizing on our current cultural obsession with ‘Game of Thrones.’ Instead they waited to capitalize on our renewed affection for Clive Owen. Shrug.

‘Last Knights’ hits theaters and VOD on April 3.