A new cinematic trailer for League of Legends debuted recently, featuring a host of fan-favorite champions doing what they do best, presented in stunning CG.

The video is roughly five minutes long and stars champions such as Annie, Katarina, and Fiddlesticks, performing some of their signature moves while battling each other.

Cinematics like this offer us a chance to see our favorite characters in a different way, which is definitely a treat since we're used to seeing them in either a top-down view or as static splash art.

In the accompanying behind-the-scenes video, Riot Games' CEO and co-founder, Brandon Beck, said, "CG's really valuable because it allows us to bring our champions to life. It allows us to get up close and personal with our champions in a completely unconstrained way."

We're shown how the signature moves and personalities of some of the champions had to be translated to the cinematic without seeming like they were lifting animations from the game. An example would be Garen and his iconic spin, which was represented in the video as a subtle flourish instead of an exact copy of the combat animation.

Both videos are pretty cool to watch, so check out the cinematic above and the behind-the-scenes video below. Let us know what you think of them by sounding off in the comments below.