There are a few certainties in this world, and the persistence of horror franchises is one of them. But every once in a while, they tend to surprise you. We reported a while back about 'Leatherface,' the upcoming prequel to last year's mediocre 'Texas Chainsaw 3D,' but now it's picked up a rather talented French directing duo, which makes this prequel pretty interesting all of a sudden.

Bloody-Disgusting reports that Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury have been tapped to direct 'Leatherface,' the new prequel to last year's 'Texas Chainsaw,' and the latest installment in the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' franchise. The script was penned by Seth M. Sherwood, and follows a teenaged Leatherface, trapped in a mental institution, where he teams up with a group of fellow patients to escape and go on the run. It definitely sounds nothing like any of the other films in the franchise, we give it that.

Maury and Bustillo made their debut with the 2007 French horror film 'Inside,' about a pregnant woman who lives alone and is terrorized by a mysterious woman in black, hellbent on taking her unborn child from her. The film has become wildly popular with horror fans over the years. Since then, they made 'Livid,' a horror fantasy film that played the festival circuit and was picked up for distribution in the US, but has since been inexplicably shelved (although an American remake is apparently planned). Their most recent film was 'Among the Living,' another French-language horror flick, this time with a more traditional slasher, home-invasion angle.

Their films have a very unique perspective and are beautifully made, certainly not the typical directors we see picked for a horror remake/prequel/reboot in America -- which is crazy, but kind of awesome. It'll be interesting to see what these guys do with a budget here in the states, and whatever it is, you can bet it'll be weird.

Word has it that 'Leatherface' could hit theaters as early as next year.