In the most meta move for a very meta movie, The LEGO Batman Movie, which is based on the LEGO version of Batman, is getting its very own LEGO Batman minifigures — yes, soon you can play with a toy inspired by a movie that’s based on a toy inspired by a movie. Be careful with those mental gymnastics. You might sprain something.

Pop Sugar debuted LEGO’s new limited edition lineup of 20 minifigures (above) from The LEGO Batman Movie, which unsurprisingly features some wacky deep cuts from the Dark Knight’s vault of villains, like King Tut, The Calculator, Orca and the Zodiac Master. Yes, these are all actual Bat-villains. In a cute nod to the classic ’60s Batman series, the minifig for Dick Grayson (voiced by Michael Cera) comes with a canister of shark repellent — easily Batman’s most ridiculous weapon.

Obviously, the lineup features the main cast of characters from The LEGO Batman Movie, including The Joker (Zach Galifianakis), Harley Quinn (Jenny Slate, in the most perfect voice casting of all time), Barbara Gordon and Pink Power Batgirl (Rosario Dawson), and Commissioner Gordon. The only figures missing are Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) and Mayor McCaskill (Mariah Carey).

There are also some hilarious variants, like Catman, Fairy Batman, Glam Metal Batman and, my personal favorite, Lobster-Lovin’ Batman. The figures, which each come with a display plate and collector’s leaflet, will be available to buy for $4 each on January 1.

The LEGO Batman Movie hits theaters on February 10, 2017.