No matter what happens with the finished product, there is no denying the sheer ambition of Ang Lee's 'Life of Pi,' which is already stirring up some heated debate in critical circles. If nothing else, Lee has taken a seemingly impossible to adapt novel and brought it to the screen while pushing technical boundaries with his use of 3D while filming with a live tiger. Two new featurettes explore just how difficult this film must've been to make.

The first of the featurettes guest stars 'Avatar' director James Cameron, who's on hand to explain just how incredible the 3D in 'Life of Pi' truly is. This being Cameron, he makes sure that everyone watching knows that it was him that pioneered this technology first, but after that, he's incredibly complimentary toward the film and says that he's happy to see 3D tech being used to create a "masterpiece." If there's one thing all reviews have in common about this film, it's that the 3D is absolutely top notch.

The second of featurettes explores the practical problems that arise when most of your movie features a young boy attempting to survive on a lifeboat with a hungry tiger. The solution involves combining footage of a real tiger with a fully CGI creation. What's especially interesting about this clip is that it showcases just how much of an effects-driven movie 'Life of Pi' is. The concept may be pretty simple, but the execution looks like it required a ton of computers.