With 'Prometheus' less than a week away from its domestic release, screenwriter Damon Lindelof has announced that he's taking a break from movies to go back the world that birthed his career in the first place: television. Why is this such a big deal? Easy: Lindelof was one of the head writers and showrunners on a little show you might have watched called 'Lost.'

Since the uber-controversial finale of 'Lost' two years ago, Lindelof has been a busy man. In addition to writing the kinda-sorta 'Alien' prequel 'Prometheus' for Ridley Scott (a dream gig for a dyed-in-the-wool geek like him), Lindelof is one of the credited writers for the currently-filming 'Star Trek 2.' Recently, it was announced that his mysterious science fiction screenplay '1952' was going before the cameras courtesy of director Brad Bird. If that sounds like a lot of sci-fi to you, well, Lindelof agrees:

"I think certainly film-wise, I’m spaced out, I think I’ve got the robot-spaceship future bug out of my system.”

Hence the new deal Lindelof just inked with Warner Bros. TV, which will allow him to create a new show of his own. This is a new step for him, since 'Lost' was co-created by several other people (including 'Star Trek' director JJ Abrams). Can we expect another show like 'Lost' this time around? Lindelof thinks not, saying that he's done with shows with "wackadoo mythology." He says that he is open to both broadcast and cable shows but if he has a solid idea, he's not giving up any details quite yet...although he definitely hints that's he's not done playing in the genre world:

"What I love about television is character-based storytelling, and I want to continue to explore the fantastical way of doing it where characters live in a world that is a little skewed."

Since the deal is brand new and there aren't any concrete show details to actually report yet, it's time to break out those 'Lost' DVDs and play the waiting game.