Though there may be no point to 2013's 'Scary Movie 5,' it's hard to argue they aren't going for bang with the budget bucks as they've just added troubled stars Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan to the film.

This comes from E! Entertainment, who note that Lohan just signed on and may be replacing Anna Farris as the lead in the series. Though Lohan has recently been wrapped up in all sorts of scandals and lawsuits, there was a time where she proved herself to be a capable comedienne (like when she would host 'SNL').

This would be Sheen's third go-around with the 'Scary Movie' franchise, as he has appeared in the previous two entries. It's unknown if he will be reprising his role as Tom Logan, which was originally a parody of Mel Gibson's character in 'Signs.' Sheen is also appearing in 'Machete Kills,' the a sequel to 'Machete' - which Lohan starred in, though does not appear in its sequel.

the film is scheduled to come out January 11, 2013, which signals that shooting will commence shortly, and that Dimension knows they've got a film that will likely make it's money quickly. As per targets, the 'Paranormal Activity' films seem the only major horror franchise going right now. We're guessing they'll be lots of found footage.