If Lindsay Lohan can keep herself out of trouble for just a few more hours (something that may be wildly optimistic), she'll be off formal probation for the first time in four years.

LiLo has a court date on Thursday, and since the Los Angeles County District Attorney is satisfied Lindsay completed the terms of her probation, the office will likely accept the L.A. County Probation Department's report stipulating that she's been a good girl and done what she's legally obligated to do. That means everything's a go for Judge Stephanie Sautner to terminate Lindsay's probation in her DUI case.

In addition, the formal probation she's under for having sticky fingers in that jewelry-theft case will probably be changed to informal probation for the remaining 36 months -- freeing her from the requirement to regularly report to a probation officer and the judge. So provided she doesn't see another shiny bauble and forget to swipe her credit card before taking it home, she's golden.

What's next for the star who practically has a whole wing named after her at the L.A. County Courthouse? A guest spot on 'Glee,' for one. Even though her fame-grubbing mother Dina pitched a fit when the program previously poked fun at Lindsay, the actress' rep confirms she'll appear on the show's third season finale later this year.