Monday night’s episode of ‘Gotham,’ “Harvey Dent,” as advertised, introduced us to a new assistant DA named Harvey Dent. At this point, at least Harvey Dent isn’t a little kid. ‘Gotham’ is slowly improving (read our full review here), but it’s still caught in that awkward space between being a serious drama and a campy farce. I truly think the reason I laugh so much while watching ‘Gotham’ is that it will be in the middle of taking itself so seriously, then something stupid will happen. Anyway, here are the 14 times that I laughed out loud during last night’s episode of ‘Gotham.’

- When Bruce Wayne is showed the composite picture of the man who supposedly killed his parents. The murderer is apparently Artie Lange, circa 1998.


- Selina Kyle moving into Wayne Manor.

- Selina Kyle introducing herself as “Cat” and Bruce Wayne saing, "Nice to meet you, Cat."

- We meet Harvey Dent and he’s already flipping coins.

- The sentence, “Ever heard of Dick Lovecraft?”

- Harvey Bullock wearing glasses. They are really trying to soften this guy and make us like him. I think we’re supposed to forget that in the first episode he almost murdered Jim Gordon.

- A conversation that went:

“You bombed those janitors.”

“It was an accident.”

“That's what they all say.”

Honestly, who else says that?

- Batman creating enemies by offending them at a young age with questions about their parents.

- Selina Kyle leaving Wayne Manor through a window for absolutely no reason.

- Harvey Dent and his dumb coin—something tells me ‘Gotham’ is going to overdo this.

- Harvey Dent crazy face!


- Bruce Wayne testing himself by holding his breath under water, while fully clothed.

- A bomb exploded after the cell phone it was attached to played a song by Europe.

- A future Batman and a future Catwoman throwing pastries at each other.

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