Monday night’s episode of ‘Gotham,’ titled ‘Penguin’s Umbrella,’ was ... pretty good! At least, this was the first episode all season that I found myself enjoying without a healthy dose of irony. ‘Gotham’ has done a good job of making Penguin interesting as he navigates the underworld that he will no doubt one day control. Hey, look at me, writing about the plot as if this were a show to take seriously! That must mean that this really was a good episode. But, yes, there were still some pretty silly moments that, in contrast, stood out even more. So, yes, here are the 17 moments on last night’s ‘Gotham’ that still make me laugh out loud. (You can read our full 'Gotham' review here.)

- When Harvey Bullock was going to execute Jim Gordon in the police locker room and everyone was fine with that.

- A mobster telling Barbara Gordon, "You are hip."

- When Barbara Gordon literally takes the bus out of town.

- Don Falcone inspecting chickens.

- Everything about Victor Zsasz.

- Victor Zsasz screaming, "Hey, Jim!"

- Victor Zsasz screaming, "Please!"

- Penguin's face peering through the kitchen window.

- Fish calling Penguin a "scaly-faced bitch"

- Alfred Pennyworth attacking someone with a knife and sort of winning.

- Jim Gordon, just sitting there listening to a little kid again

- Jim Gordon actually saying, "Bruce, you are a child," but didn't add, "yet I'm always here listening to you."

- The double whammy of a "toxic waste dump on top of an Indian burial ground."

- Mobsters lamenting about finding and catching Jim Gordon, then the smash cut to Jim Gordon just hanging out at his own house.

- Harvey Bullock having to verbally address that it's a bad place to hide.

- Victor Zsasz's cell phone ring tone is 'Funky Town' by Lipps Inc.

- Penguin and Falcone reminiscing over their extremely convoluted -- so many things had to go right -- harebrained scheme that all worked and now here we are.

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