Monday night’s 'Gotham,' titled "The Mask," was about a masked business tycoon (The Mask!) who makes his job applicants fight to the death in an abandoned office building, with the winner being hired. That was a real plot description. Like most episodes of 'Gotham,' it was pretty entertaining, but also unintentionally hilarious (you can read our full review here). Here are the 15 times I laughed out loud while watching 'Gotham.'

- When the Penguin approaches a woman on the street and says, "What a lovely broach."

- When the Penguin stole that woman’s broach.

- Bruce Wayne finally going to school. (I’ve been wondering for eight weeks why he’s never in school.)

- That we’re just supposed to accept Harvey Bullock as a good guy now, even though he almost murdered Jim Gordon in the first episode.

- Everything about Carol Kane; she just gets it.

- Harvey Bullock screaming, “Alvarez, put a zipper on it.”

- Edward Nygma doing a standup act as he performs an autopsy.

- The bullies at Bruce Wayne’s school taunting Bruce with things like, "Your mom and dad got killed, huh?"

- Jim Gordon’s wise words, disagreeing with a comparison between a job in finance and warriors: "Warriors fight wars. It's different."

- Laugh of the week: The police captain asking Jim Gordon about the new villain, "Does this make any sense to you?" Then Gordon responding, "How's it any worse than The Goat or the Balloon Man?" Exactly.

- Alfred teaching Bruce a life lesson by driving Bruce to the bully’s house so Bruce can sucker punch the bully when he opens the door – even supplying Bruce with a watch to be used as pseudo brass knuckles. What?

- Jim Gordon with an almost vaudevillian reaction when the camera closes in on his face and he says, "Aw, crap."

- Every Jim Gordon facial expression.

- Harvey Bullock dramatically saying the line, "He can be a total asshat, but he's a cop."

- Jim Gordon participating in – and winning – a sword fight.

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