New 'The Lone Ranger' pics have premiered online and we get our first expanded look at the universe of the new adventure movie. After the disappointing 'Dark Shadows' will 'The Lone Ranger' be Johnny Depp's next massive movie franchise?

Depp tells USA Today of 'The Lone Ranger', "I'm a long way from Jack Sparrow." But is he really?

'The Lone Ranger' reunites Depp with Disney, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Gore Verbinski, and writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, all of whom worked together last on the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise. So while it may seem like a long way to Depp, it's actually not as far off as you might think.

Director Verbinski calls the film a "dysfunctional buddy movie" starring Depp and Armie Hammer ('The Social Network') but lest you think this is some traditional western movie, think again. That dead crow you see on Depp's head below? That was the actor's choice and he even feeds it during the movie. Classic Johnny Depp.

Check out the new 'Lone Ranger' pics below and look for the trailer to debut tomorrow night on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.' 'The Lone Ranger' hits theaters on July 3, 2o13.