This latest 'Lone Ranger' trailer does what all of the other ones have failed to do thus far: it actually makes the Lone Ranger look like the main character in the film that bears his name. It also shows off a whole bunch of massive action and makes a good case for why this film is so ridiculously expensive. Hey, at least each and every one of those pennies appears to be on screen.

Previous footage of 'The Lone Ranger' have been all about "Look at Johnny Depp as Tonto! He's wearing a funny hat! He's weird! You love Johnny Depp," so it's actually refreshing that the Depp weirdness is dialed back this time around. Heck, his name isn't even mentioned in the trailer (but then again, neither is Armie Hammer's). In the place of Depp's scenery chewing, we get a look at some pretty impressive set pieces, most of which involve trains, trains derailing and trains blowing up. There's also a delightful number of moments where the Lone Ranger gets to ride his horse on top of and through trains.

'The Lone Ranger' rides into theaters on July 3. Nothing says America like seeing a Disney-produced, Gore Verbinski-directed cowboy action movie on the Fourth of July, huh?