We’re excited for ‘Looper’ simply because it’s the new Rian Johnson joint. ‘Brick’ was a brilliant play on the crime noir genre, and ‘The Brothers Bloom’ was a worthy, quirky follow-up. But toss Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis into the mix for a time-traveling assassination thriller, and we’re practically frothing at the mouth for this thing to get here already.

Recently, we posted the first official images from the pic, which will reach theaters in September. Now Slashfilm is sharing the first exclusive poster from Johnson’s flick, which we have for you below.

It uses the “two-sides-of-the-same-coin” gimmick to hint at the fact that Gordon-Levitt and Willis play the same character, just at different points of their life. We’re still a little iffy on the specifics, thanks to the whole time-travel story hook, though we’re hoping plot details will be revealed in the first official trailer, which is supposed to hit the web on April 12.

For now, we know that JGL plays a hit man who’s routinely hired by the mob of the future to eliminate people who eventually are going to become threats. But when he recognizes his next target (Willis) as himself from a distant future, it complicates matters. At least, that’s what we think ‘Looper’ is about. I kind of want to leave it at that, and if I’m wrong, I’d like to be surprised. This twisty tale probably will benefit from keeping its details under wraps for as long as possible.

What do you think? Are you intrigued by ‘Looper,’ or are you reserving judgment until the trailer? Let us know below. Here’s the poster: