We just brought you the international trailer for Rian Johnson's 'Looper,' and now there's a domestic one that spends more time presenting the spectacle of the film. We also get to see Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) get into a fight with himself -- albeit the older version (Bruce Willis).

And it looks like the older version has some moves. Or perhaps - having lived through it - he knows exactly what his younger self is going to do. That's always the fun of time travel movies; they open up the possibility of multiple levels of existence, or the possibility of one finite reality to which everything is set.

The film stars Gordon-Levitt as a Looper, and loopers are hired to kill people that are sent back in time (to make sure there's no evidence of the murder). With this trailer we get to see more of the size of the picture, and more butt-kicking from Bruce Willis. What's most intriguing is that there seem to be some interesting things going on with gravity, and that may be why Rian Johnson warned those who were already sold on the film to not watch the new marketing. It does seem to give away much, much more, but it also opens up the world of the film. 'Looper' hits theaters September 28, and we can't wait.