We've seen trailers presented in 3D before, but these would require you to be wearing 3D glasses while staring at your computer and honestly, we've tried it, and it usually just gives us a headache. But, this is something pretty cool. It's a 3D 'Machete Kills' trailer that plays in 3D right on your computer, with no glasses. Confused? Just click play and see for yourself.

Listen, we've seen 'Machete Kills' and it's a pretty bad movie. Let us be clear: not bad in that awesome way, where you can get drunk with some friends and have a really good time both laughing at and laughing with the movie. This is just bad, bad. It's completely tone deaf and all over the place and just way too long. Think about this for a second: 'Machete Kills' is 20 minutes longer than 'Gravity'.

But, we digress. Even if this is a trailer for a very bad movie, it is a pretty cool trailer. The footage is nothing new (Machete still making the same "Machete don't ---" jokes), but the way it's presented is actually a good fit with the wacky material. Now, if only the movie were as fun as this trailer.

'Machete Kills' opens in theaters on October 11 (if you must) and you can watch the new 3D trailer above.

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